Wow! Nigerian man with no formal education builds Nigeria’s first handmade excavator

 One Fidellis
Nwachukwu, from Imo State, recently displayed his prototype excavator
at the Abuja international motor fair. 

 He said he has no formal training
in engineering or mechanics and that it was in fact a vision from God
that inspired him to make the excavator.
said: “I am truly gifted from God and I have the spirit that enlightens
me on what to do. I have a lot to offer my country, my plan is to
develop this excavator. We all know that Nigeria is technologically
challenged, and we Nigerians and the government are ignorant about this.

like this can bring about the improvement of our economy, that’s why I
am eager to let Nigerians and the world know that we can develop our own
technology. Getting in touch with the government and private investors
to support my work was difficult. .

my first visit to the House of Assembly to get my work viewed, I was
accused of being a Boko Haram member and sent away. The government is
supposed to see my work, especially the president, the president is like
our father and I believe one day I would get the support I need.”

said that he spent N200,000 on the prototype excavator and he needs
N12,550,000 to buy the necessary equipment to launch full


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