Our people don’t believe Coronavirus exists – Borno Deputy Governor

The Deputy Governor of Borno state, Umar Kadafur, has said people in the state still do not believe that COVID-19 is real.

Kadafur, who is also the chairman of the state response team for the prevention and control of COVID-19, compared the spread of the disease to the way Boko Haram insurgents infiltrated the country.

He said despite the increasing rate of spread of COVID-19, many people still disobey the social distancing rule by participating in burial ceremonies and observing congregational prayers.

“When Boko Haram started, a lot of people felt it was something not to be taken seriously, until when it consumed everybody. This COVID-19 is another Boko Haram coming, and yet people don’t believe it’s real.

“I keep saying it’s real. As a response team, we’ll continue telling the general public and reaching out with advocacy,” Kadafur said in a statement.

A total of 75 people, including 16 health workers have contracted the disease in the state. The state has also recorded 11 deaths.

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