Oh wow, have you seen this viral (best even) proposal video yet? It’l melt your heart…

 Congrats to the beautiful couple Tiffany & Levy – their proposal video is currently trending online and it was captured by CandleLight Films on Vimeo. Read their ah-mazing story below:

For 4 years 9 months 13 days, Tiffany
and Levy dated long distance, from SoCal to Michigan. They first met in Michigan State
at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena….they crossed paths again in Hot Springs
and Indianapolis, and finally, almost a year later, they exchanged
numbers at a conference in D.C. After numerous
Skype dates, phone calls, and 350,000 sky miles, Levy decided it was
time to ask Tiffany to be his wife. Levy called Candlelight Films and asked them to create a video of the proposal which took 17 months to plan, 13.5 hour Scavenger Hunt, involved, 24 friends, 18 round trip flights
10 hotel rooms, 1 Limo, 6 Clues & 5 Notes, 1,000 Laughs & Tears, 1 New Outfit, 1 Stadium and 1 Ring

On October 14, Tiffany thought she was
visiting California to attend a military event for Levy’s father..only to receive the best proposal ever!!!”
And then the pro and after the proposal speech was just so beautiful!!!
You are my best friend and there is nothing else than
i want more than
spending the rest of my life with you  but before I ask you one question, I have to
promise you something, I promise you that after I ask u this question, after
today, I promise to never stop loving you, never stop growing old by your side.
I promise to always honor you and respect you and I promise to never stop being
your best friend. I love you so much”…tears, tears, tears! And then he went on
his knees and popped it!

“I ask that you make me your best man not because I deserve
it but because you are the best woman ever…will you marry me? Of course, yes!”

Watch video HERE

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