Facebook user narrates his experience surviving an accident

A Facebook user, Ashara Samuel has shared a testimony of how he survived a motor accident that took the life of the driver. According to his, the accident happened just a few minutes after he engaged the driver for driving recklessly.

He wrote:

Good morning family and friends in here… Am writing this article so you all can help me to thank God for spearing my life again, early hours of yesterday I was travelling from Abeokuta to Ajah for a business trip , and I went to the popular kuto park to board a car and on getting there the car I saw was full and I was asked to wait for the next turn, when it’s got to the next turn I rushed to the front of the car to seat because I was the first to get there and eventually I used the seat belt unconsciously and they started calling on passengers so the car can be filled up and we leave,all along j was seated still in the car I didn’t comeout except from the bottle water I bought from a little girl at the park that was all, thereafter the car got filled up and we started moving, when we got to the front of governors office at Oke mosan it’s was remaining small for the driver to hit a bike man from yhe behind and I raised an alarm and told him why is he not concentrating and he started arguing with me and the rest passagers joined me to shout at him and he kept quite and not long the driver apologize saying he knows what he’s doing that in fact he has been driving before I was born that I should not be angry after all that he knows what he’s doing that we’ve nothing to fear, then we continue our journey, the driver branched to a petrol station he filled up his tank and we faced the journey proper suddenly I noticed he was attending yo his fone then he was looking down not facing the front suddenly he faced the front and our car jumped on the culvert diving the car sulmasalted 5 times at first I didn’t notice it was an accident I tot it’s was a movie or dream until the car turnbulled the third time I notice it’s was an accident and I started shouting Jesus, eventually the car stopped and I found yhe driver lifeless in my front then I removed the seat belt and came out of the vehicle if not for the seat belt and God intervention I would have been a gone person, out of all passager in yhe vehincle I can only see myself and a man as the only survivor in the car with no injury or stuff… Pls family and friends help me thank God for his faithfulness and love over me, if it’s was a car I bought I no many will be greeting me or if I eventually finished building my house many will also congratulates me pls my family and friends help me thank God for keeping me alive and counting me wordy despite my unfaithfulness, I don’t know where to start from… Pls join me in thanking God… Hallelujah…

Facebook user narrates his experience surviving an accident

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