Movie Review: The Bride Price not spectacular!

Review The Bride Price

The Bride Price, a film produced by Trinity Ugonabo was out in the cinemas a few days back. We watched, and below is what we think of the first indigenous Igbo film to grace the big screen in a long while.

The about two hours film shines the light on traditional marriage rites in Igbo land. Well, just like many other cultures in Nigeria, the bride price-paying culture is not taken casually by the families involved.

The Bride Price tells the story of Adannaya who is a well-educated young maiden from a wealthy background, she falls in love with a Aloysius Okoronta, a Spare Parts Dealer (played by Zubby Michael) who is not really well to do. Adannaya’s father, the Prof, will do everything possible to make their union an impossible mission, so he sets a trap with his high bride price list. 

Will Aloysius cut off his wife’s family from their lives after he was made to pay through his nose for her hand in marriage? Also, will this pure love stand the test of time, as Adannaya has other billionaire suitors in line? 

The film, which is in contention for the best indigenous language – Igbo category at the next Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA), boasts of a talented ensemble cast featuring, Zubby Micheal, Stanley Chibuna (Funny Bone), Ebele Okaro, Nkem Owoh and others. 

We acknowledge the efforts by the veteran actors to spice up the movie, but it lacks depth.  Their presence didn’t make the movie better.

Funny Bone also did a good job as the right-hand man of the groom.

The storyline has been overused. It was annoyingly predictable.

Furthermore, Aloysius’ efforts to make up the bride price list at some point became unrealistic and over dragged. 

Repeating the same lines over and over again. Oasis investment crashed. They had to use two totally different scenes to pass the same information.

After much ado, the traditional marriage day came, and again, it was below expectations. It wasn’t befitting for a household of such standard. A little more effort in the arrangements would have made a better impression.

Although, at some point, the dialogue was good, the acting, and storyline didn’t just do justice to it. 

Overall, The Bride Price isn’t spectacular or memorable. We hope they win the AMVCA, at least for the daring efforts. It’s 4/10 rating, not worth the time and funds. 

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