Nigerian man whose leg was permanently suspended in the air finally undergoes surgery

Remember the Nigerian man with an unusual medical condition leaving one of his legs suspended in the air. It has now been reported that the Kogi State indigene successfully underwent a corrective surgery on his left leg which was always up.

According to reports, his surgery was sponsored by the Kogi State Health Funds for Indigent Citizens and he is now recuperating.

Recall that, the young man was spotted with a peculiar deformity but instead of being ignored, and a lady has decided to help him.

Petra Akinti Onyegbule who posted the picture of the physically challenged man on her Facebook profile disclosed that he would be undergoing treatment soon with the help of the trust fund set aside by the Kogi state governor.

Onyegbule posted the picture of the man with one leg up and captioned it:

“I saw this young man yesterday in a village near Ugbamaka, Olomaboro local government of Kogi State. I was touched. Is there nothing the medical world can do to his condition? From Barry Idakwo. Lokoja”

That was the message Prince Opaluwa Okoliko Gideon sent to the Whatsapp platform where GYB Appointees share information. Ahmed Attah J. responded to the message by saying he was already on the case.

Ahmed Attah, the special assistant on Health to Governor Bello who also works at Specialist Hospital Lokoja revealed then that the young man was expected in Lokoja for treatment under the auspices of the Kogi State Health Funds for Indigent Citizens established by Governor Yahya Bello.
He said…
“I can confirm to you that the young man is being expected in Lokoja today (he was expected Monday and yesterday actually, but the Secretary to his LGA who was supposed to have brought him was held up by some emergencies). Arrangements have already been concluded with the Orthopedic Surgeon who will attend to him once he gets here.
“This young man from Inele is going to be given a new lease on life.
“The Kogi State Health Funds for Indigent Citizens established by Governor Bello is accessible to those who really need it. And those who need it get it irrespective of tribe or religion, Ahmed Attah J said.
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