I poured hot water on my baby daddy because of domestic violence – lady

The police in Lagos have finally arrested a fleeing 32-year-old woman for pouring a half-bucket of boiling water on her partner, Ike Akachi, and causing him grievous bodily harm on May 29, 2018.

Joy Imeribe, the accused, said in a statement to the police that the incident happened following a quarrel with Mr Akachi at their home in Ijesha.

According to the police report, Ms Imeribe had been a victim of domestic violence from the man. According to Imeribe: “We’ve been in the relationship for 13 years. Although, we are not married, I have four male children for the man.”

According to Ms Imeribe, she had been experiencing ill-treatment from the man for a long time, forcing her to leave their home. She said she rented an apartment at the Anthony area of Lagos and moved out with their children but Mr Akachi came to plead that they return home.

After returning home, Ms Imeribe said the maltreatment continued. “What caused the huge fight was the fact that on the day before, I went to Yaba market to buy Okirika clothes (second-hand clothing) to sell at Aswani the following day.

On getting home, he asked where I was coming from and I responded but he told me to go back to where I was coming from. I didn’t answer and this led to a fight that started around 4p.m. .
He beat me, tied me to the bed, dragged my hair, dragged me in the house and locked the door, this lasted for a long time. In the morning, he started with the fight again, I am one month pregnant. .
So, I defended myself by pouring hot water on him.” Imohimi Edgal, the Lagos State Police Commissioner, said victims of domestic violence should always speak out to avoid incidents such as this. Edgal said the woman would be charged to court after police investigations.

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