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How to make your relationship successful – Baaj Adebule

Handsome Nollywood actor, Baaj Adebule, has listed the important tips to make relationship successful. 

This he made known via an interview with Sunday Scoop, where he hinted that love is not enough to make a relationship work.

He said, “I believe that love is not enough to make a relationship work. A relationship is too big a thing to have only love to make it work. Love is important but it still cannot be the only thing (needed to make a relationship work). Unless one is talking about love in its universal form and not just love in the context of liking and falling for someone. Some other things are needed. I don’t need to be the one that mentions that money helps. If one loves someone, one would respect the person and do things to make sure the person achieves their full potential. But I repeat, love is not enough.”

Asked if he was willing to change the perception of people about him as a result of the roles he plays, he said, “I tend not to do too much in correcting the perceptions people have about me. It is usually about people perceiving one as the characters one plays in films or TV shows, which they have grown to love and connect with. Sometimes, I let the perceptions stay because I know they give people joy, intrigues and excitement. However, I try not to feed those perceptions. I try not to burst their (fans) bubbles but I still don’t lose touch with being me. That makes people know that one is different from the character they have grown to know and love.”

On his success journey in the movie industry, Adebule said, “The things that would help one are the same things that would make one succeed in other industries. One needs to be professional with one’s work and always show up the right way. Also, one has to always be prepared. One needs to keep working on one’s craft― improving, developing and evolving. The kind of things that would earn one longevity in other sectors are similar to the things that would earn one the same in Nollywood. No matter how one looks at it, it is still a business industry, even though it is entertainment. God’s blessings also help. We have very little control over things. The only control we have are over the things that we do.”

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