How I conquer the urge to be with a man at lonely nights – Virgin actress, Crowncy Anyanwu

Last week, news went viral of a 26-year old Nollywood actress cum producer, Crowncy Anyanwu, who claimed that she is still a virgin but rich men turn her on. reached out to her, so she could shed more light on how she managed to maintain her virginity in this morally bankrupt present day society.

She also talked about life as a young girl abandoned by her father single-handedly trained by a single mother.

Read the interview below…

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Crowncy Anyanwu. I’m from Imo State, Obowo to be precise. We are five in the family and I’m the only daughter. By the grace of God, I’m an actress and I have done couple of good movies.

How long have you been doing movies?

Two years now. I have always wanted to be an actress though. Before now, I have been doing some ‘Waka pass’ roles, but at the end of the day, the movie won’t come out. But I kept pushing because I have always dreamt of it.

Can you recall your first movie and how much you were paid?

I was so lucky, later I was given a good role and was paid N25, 000. The movie is titled Bank money and I played the role of Bishop Okon’s lover. It also had Mr. Ibu and Francis Duru.

How did you feel acting alongside those top shots in the industry?

They were very friendly. There were no much challenges at all. Because it’s a comedy movie, top actors were making everyone laugh at location.

Who are those you always admire and look up acting with?

Oh!! My sweetheart, Genevieve Nnaji. I love her so much. I pray God will take me to her level someday. I love Tonto Dike has as well.

Tonto Dikeh? You also love her controversial way?

Yeah. Everything about her inspires me a lot.

One actress had said she loves Genevieve so much that she turns her on, do you feel same way?

Nooo!! I don’t oh. I’m only struggling to get to her level. That’s all.

So your love for her doesn’t turn you on?

Why are you particular about this turn on, do u think I’m a lesbian? Or have you had any rumor that I am a lesbian as well? Please oh, count me out.

How about your male colleagues, who are those you admire?

Yeah!! I love Zubby Michael and his madness. Gosh! I just love dark guys!!

So it’s safe to say you are crushing on the likes of John Dumelo, Jim Iyke, et el?

You are really funny. John Dumelo and Jim yikes are very cute. Only setting eyes on them can ….you know..You understand na? But I can’t crush on a married man.

Aside dark skin, what else do you want in a man?

I want him dark and handsome and must be God fearing and most importantly very rich.

Do you plan to go into movie production some day?

I have produced a couple of movies already; War For Love, with Zubby Michael, Rachael Okonkwo, then A Minute Decision, with Ken Eric’s and Harry B. Anyanwu, Onny Micheal. I also produced Hunted Bride, featuring Zubby Michael, Eve Esin and co.

Wow, just within two years you joined the industry? How did you make that happen?

Most of my colleagues are surprised as well, but it’s just the Lord doing.

Movie producing is quite capital intensive, how did you cope?

Yes it cost me a lot of millions but when you plan well, the result is always good. Everything is God. It has been awesome, so far.

Aside movies what else do you do?

I import things from outside Nigeria, Dubai and China. Although, I have been to China only once, Dubai is my main route. I import hair and women things like bags in large quantity. I have a shop in Abuja and Owerri. Don’t mind me; I started looking for money on time. From 8 years. I made my first 1000 at the age of 8. Not From uncle and aunties gifts oh, but from my hustle. But for now I want to focus on my career fully.

Away from movies, can you define your fashion and style?

I dress simple and decent, Jeans and to, well fitted. I love nude colours. My personal dresses often come in nude colour.

What was your parent’s reaction when you told them you were going into movies?

My mom supported full time, she will always give me money for transport t o go for movie auditions or movie rehearsals those days. But I don’t have good relationship with my dad, so I don’t care if he supports my career or not.

Why? Trained by a single mum?

Yes, I was trained single-handedly by my mother. I promise to make her proud. My both parents are still very much alive but not living together. The separation wasn’t easy on us the kids. It is not a good experience, but my mother made us not to feel the absence of our dad that much.

Since what age did you live last with your father?

I think 2 years.

So you don’t have any fond memory of your father?

I visit him sometimes. Please, let’s not talk about my family again. It is making me emotional.

How true is the reports that at 26 you still a virgin actress?

Yes! I’m still a virgin and a talented actress. It may be hard to believe… but that’s the truth. Majority of people out there think that virgins doesn’t exist in Nollywood… That’s why it may be hard to believe, but on the contrary I am one. I’m a proof that there are still decent girls out there.

When do you plan to ‘feel like a woman’?

I repeat, boyfriends can wait first, my career is more important, but rich guys can get close on a neutral relationship though.

Lastly, what are your plans to take your brand to a higher level?

I’m going to double my work. Hard work leads to success.

So, in those lonely nights, how do you conquer the urge to be with a man?

As a virgin, I don’t have an urge for sex. I think maybe because I have not done it before and I don’t also believe in masturbation. My virginity is hard to believe…right? But that’s the honest truth.


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