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‘You are mentally not okay’ Ubi Franklin’s 4th Babymama and Victoria Inyama fight dirty over advice to current and intending counterparts

Ubi Franklin’s 4th Babymama Sandra Iheuwa recently engaged in a war of words with Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama.

This comes after Sandra Iheuwa took to her social media page to advise current and intending counterparts on securing a good life for the child/children to have brought into the world.

According to Ubi’s 4th babymama, there is more to life than dressing up to slay on social media.

Reacting, Victoria Inyama slammed Sandra, stating she is advising herself as different categories of babymama were not specified in her post.

Victoria Inyama wrote: My dear @sandraiheuwa, As you stated single moms and baby mama makes it very clear that you are actually advising yourself… bear in mind that most single mothers are widows who are distraught at the sudden loss of their husband, other single mothers also fall into my category where they had to leave their marriage before they get killed/die from domestic violence/abuse…pick your category and chill there afterall, the father of your child didn’t even date you well no had plans of marriage with you…. attack your co and don’t generalise with your uninformed biased mind… being a single mother does not warrant your arrant ran… what do you do again???

Sandra Iheuwa replied: victoriainyama Yo! Stay in your miserable fucking lane in that U.K don’t try me with your stupid antics. I’m going to take it you are mentally not okay. How does my post and your stupid post correlate? Where is the connection??? Or you just feel like typing so people will know you sabi speak? Listen I’m definitely not the one at all I’M DEFINITELY NOT THE ONE!!!!…..so let’s talk about this “dating” and “marriage plans” with that your fish brain do you think it’s every single mom that wants to marry the father of their child???? I have been married before and the next time I want to marry or go down that lane will be with someone that has a very good head on their shoulder and can match my goals. And you are asking what do I do again? I’m a $millionaire BOSS with 2 warehouses in the United States, 1 factory in Nigeria and a restaurant. Victoria, it’s my turn to ask, what again do you do in that U.K? Girl Bye!

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