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Trouble looms as Portable vows to own central bank and money machine


Controversial singer Portable has stirred trouble as he vows to own a central bank and a money making machine.

Portable shared videos of himself online with the fake naira notes he was sprayed at a show.

The fast rising singer faulted the government for his misfortunes. He placed heavy curses on the country’s leadership.

In the post, Portable noted that he would own a central bank ‘Central Bank of ZEH NATION’ and a money making machine.

“Igboro tii daru oooo use your last card buy kala🔫…..Central Bank of ZEH NATION loading………….money making machine ☠️ Bizza Bizza IKA OF AFRICA Wuwa IKA Se IKA Ko Travel… Ilu Ti Le ooo Wahala Wahala Wahala”

Portable in trouble with the Nigerian police

It is no longer news that Portable and trouble walk hand in hand.

Kemi Filani recalls that Portable landed himself in trouble with the police when he claimed that he was the one who formed the infamous Ajah boys and one million boys in Lagos state.

The ‘Zazuu’ crooner generated angry reactions from Nigerians who called him out for his brutal behaviour and unbridled tongue that would lead him to jail.

While trying to retrace his steps, Portable denied his previous statement, which was captured in a video, where he emphatically claimed he created the infamous one million boys.

He wrote: This has come to an end that I have to voice out… please everyone, I wana let you know that I didn’t meant to campaign for APC it was a show they told that am going to before I saw myself in APC office and as a man no need to worry I gats to do the job since it involved money. And what I meant by 1 million boys is meant 1 million followers. People are threatening my life ooo you should all look into this



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