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“Tinubu is really the people’s choice but a lot of people are scared because of….” Toyin Abraham speaks on Tinubu’s victory

Toyin abraham

Nollywood actress and movie producer, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi has claimed that president-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is truly the people’s choice.

The mother of one made this known on her Twitter page as she replied to a fan’s query.

According to her, the insults and bullies from Obidients made many celebrities and citizens not publicly campaign for the APC presidential candidate.

Toyin Abraham further claimed that she knows a lot of people who didn’t campy for Tinubu but cited for him.

Toyin Abraham, who was mercilessly dragged on social media for supporting BAT, used herself as an example of why many didn’t support Tinubu publicly.

Despite the draggings, she is grateful that he emerged as our president and is optimistic that he would do better for the country.

“Yes, darling he is. A lot of people are just scared of bullies and curses so they didn’t say anything but they voted for him. I know a lot like that. Imagine all the curses I got but it’s fine. It’s all past tense now at least he is our President. So let’s all just focus.

Let’s focus on building and making our country great. Hope that answers your question, my love”.

Toyin Abraham speaks on Tinubu's victory

Toyin Abraham cries out over bullying and insults on social media

Recall that last month, Toyin Abraham had cried out over the bullying and insults she had received for campaigning for Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In an interview, the mother of one stated that she had never seen this type of trolling before in her entire life.

Toyin noted how many went the extra mile to petition her brands and urge Netflix to take down her movies.

She added that she was intimidated, bullied, insulted, and cursed because she supported the now President-elect.

“I keep saying it again, I sent a DM to a girl, I have been in the industry for 20 years. One even sent a message to Netflix to de-platform me. I didn’t do anything, I don’t even remember that I am an actress. I don’t know why my choice is an issue, I am a strong girl, I am dada. People sent messages to the brands I represent.

There is life after social media. Tomorrow I can tell Portable to come and be president of Nigeria and I will support him.

The intimidation, bullying, abuses, curses in Nigeria, I have never seen this before in my entire life”.

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