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Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Abraham in trouble with fans over property scam (Details)

Actors Odunlade Adekola and Toyin Abraham who are both brand ambassadors of Revolution Plus, a real estate brand, have been called out over some scam allegations.

Ever since the two actors became brand ambassadors for the real estate establishment owned by Dr Bamidele and Tolulope Onalaja, a hike was experienced in the number of clients who invested in the different plans towards becoming landlords. However there have been allegations that the real estate brand is fond of scamming ignorant clients.

One Naija lady in Canada called them out saying “I paid since September 2020! Houston Park, no allocation till date. You comment on their page, they delete or block you! Please drag them well. @revolutionpluspropertylekki are scammers!!!”

Instagram blog, Gist Lover wrote thus: “Jesus , my dm is so full, some that bought land two years ago, no allocation, nothing, to crown it all, this Tolu geh keeps insulting people.

Toyin glutton, you need to do something ASAP on this Matter, people are in the dm crying, people trusted you and odun and gave their money to this revolution company, but you all are not saying anything….some even bought land from them 2019 till now, nothing, and this Tolu thinks she can open mouth and insult her customers because they expressed their displeasure, wow, shey because Toyin don Dey call her godmother because of Atenu, abi godmother and goddaughter wan siwin po, Toyin them give you money you begin Dey shout godmother up and down.

Fight for your fans , fans who paid these company because of you both, revolution plus don sell all the lands wey dem get finish yet they keep doing advert and luring innocent People to pay and their ambassadors so silent on this, Wow, I no go gree oooo, on God all these people must get their full refund, even some of them wey say they want refund, revolution play still talk say them go comot 40%, for what?? You delayed them for years, months, yet you still wan comot money, Tolu look here, tell your husband , tell him make him Dey hear, This people will get their complete refund, that’s on period, some of them over 3years, no land no refund, how can you be so mean, to crown it all una go Dey abuse them ontop their money, Ogun go kee some people now, make una Dey see as this matter go unfold ooo, you think because you be CEO of revolution you can talk to people anyhow ontop their money, wait for me first, WE SAY NO TO SCAMMERS. I come in peace”

Responding to allegations, Toyin Abraham wrote on Instagram “I have seen and read the comments on the issue of delayed allocation by Revolutionplus, a brand that I represent.
Before now, some cases have been brought to my attention and many of them I have taken up the responsibility of following up. As we speak now, I am still in talks with ED of Revolution Plus on how best and quick to resolve the matter. I am not leaving the brand as I can say they keep to their words, it’s just that we have issues that need to be resolved.
Please send messages to revolutionplusproperty or me if you have pending issues with Revolution Plus. The issues will be resolved as soon as possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience, the pain and the delay. Be rest assured that there is no intention to defraud you. My sincere apologies one more time.”

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