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Media Personality Taymesan lists 3 specific qualities he has that makes him the perfect boyfriend

Taymesan reveals why he’s the perfect boyfriend

Media personality Taymesan recently took to social media to unveil what he believes makes him an ideal candidate for a boyfriend, offering a humorous yet intriguing insight into his self-perceived qualities.

Taymesan’s first quality on his list is his appearance, as he confidently stated, “I am fine.” With a playful and charismatic demeanor, Taymesan made it clear that he believes his physical attributes make him stand out in the dating arena. He emphasized that being “fine” isn’t something that one should ever take lightly, as it is a rare combination of looks and attitude.

The second quality he listed was his spirituality, proclaiming that he is “spirit-filled.” He alluded to his deep connection with his faith and his commitment to living a spiritual and religious life.

The third quality that Taymesan highlighted is his sense of humor. He declared himself as “funny,” recognizing that a good sense of humor can be a powerful asset in any relationship.


One nnenna_blinks_ had this to say,

“Quality of a good Boyfriend to a him/ he/she /or Shim You know we need to ask these days with the rise in numbers of LGDBQ”

One midey231 had this to say,

“I no sure say na woman he dey refer to sha,something is just not right”

One nnenna_blinks_ had this to say,

“Girls that have dated feminine Men or 8 ty men. Is anything different from the usual always wonder”

One thankful127 had this to say,

“He said he’s handsome, spirit-filled, and funny.

Mr. Man, are you rich?”

One 1st_magician had this to say,

“You sure say na woman you dey find ? Or you dey find James Brown set”

One tonia.gram_ had this to say,

“The head and hand gestures… ok. I didn’t say anything sha”

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