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Lady narrates how she met her aunt who died many years ago in a cab

Some people & cultures believe in ghosts and reincarnation (the ability of the dead to still live and cohabit among the living) and as wierd as it sounds, many people often claim to see or spoken to a dead relative or friend.

A South African lady had narrated how she saw a dead relative in a cab she boarded sometime ago, when going home.

According to her Twitter post, she lost her favorite auntie who is almost like her mother when she was in primary school and few years after her death she got into a cab with her aunt in it.

She continued narrating how freaked out she was, how her aunt got down first from the cab and the rest of her journey was filled with fears.
Further narrating on her post how she was unable to share the story with anyone because she felt no one would believe her story, She wrote:

“My aunt died when I was still in primary school. She was like my mom, I truly love her. A few years after she died, I got into a taxi with my aunt in it. I was scared to tell people about this because I knew they wouldn’t believe me. It wasn’t a look alike, it was her.

This post has sent Twitter buzzing as some people don’t believe her story. View reactions below;

Do you think she was hallucinating??


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