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James Brown reaches out to Bobrisky as he battles the aftermath of his cosmetic surgery


Crossdresser, James Brown has put his sword to rest and reached out to his contender, Bobrisky.

Recall that Bobrisky took to Snapchat to lament bitterly about the aftermath of his cosmetic surgery.

According to the 28-year-old,  he has been sleeping in one position for days and he wants his life back.

Taking to snapchat to share his struggle, the brand influencer wrote;

“I’m sorry have been off here lately!!! I’m in pain… 360 lipo is damn painful. I want my life back… My stomach is so hurt… My back is gone… I can’t hold the aim no more… The worst of all is sleeping in one position all day… Thanks to my house girl (Rita) for always rubbing my back at night. I love you for supporting me with this journey… I thought I was dying… The pain is out of this world”

However, Bobrisky’s fellow crossdresser, James Brown has reached out to him to show some come compassion.

James wrote;

“I’m so sorry Aunty mi… Bobrisky it’s not easy… I know you are passing through pains I wish I was there for you if you haven’t pushed me/my love away… I will have always been there for you… I can feel your pain… I will always pray for you Aunty mi… I wish you quick recovery… Love from your sister World Famous James Brown”

Reacting to this;

@habikehabikeh wrote “James brown like wahala”

@miss__ehi wrote “This guys are part of Nigeria’s problem”

@iamfaith_fash wrote “Just message him or her privately, doing it online na eye service”

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