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In Igboland that child belongs to Chioma – Nigerians react as Chioma vows to never allow Davido come close to their son, Ifeanyi

Nigerians on social media have reacted after Celebrity chef, Chioma Avril Rowland vowed never to allow sensational singer and serial baby daddy, Davido, to come close to their son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Kemi Filani earlier reported that a controversial blogger, Cutie_Julls alleged that the celebrity chef Chioma, vowed to take custody of the baby since Davido did not pay her bride prince.

The blogger further alleged that Chioma’s parents are not taking side with their daughter because of their good relationship with Davido’s father.

See some of the comments generated after the news surfaced;

@bosskuranyi wrote; ‘I have been reading the same thing on the Internet all the damm time, If David decides not to take care of this child, can Chioma take care of that child alone? You think the whole world is a small village in Igbo land.’

@b__forever18 wrote; ‘In Igbo land and even in court , that child belongs to chioma because Davido didn’t do a penny on her head’.

@2engrevelyn wrote; ‘Her bride price was not paid but he has done the first rites. She is right as it concerns Igbo tradition but it depends on her parents. I laugh at the mother, so she is a practicing Christian yet that happened to her daughter?’

@monique_pierce_201 wrote; ‘if she likes let her keep the boy away from him, he will still look for his father when he is grown.’

@etimajonathan wrote; ‘We always want to learn from our own mistakes instead of learning from other people’s mistakes. Who gets pregnant for a Guy under 25? Especially when he already has 2 official and 1 unofficial baby mamas? Nna, let’s lay on the beds we laid biko.’

@olaraiche12 wrote; ‘She can’t stop a father from seeing his children oooooo, especially if his actively involved’

@shalie_dighz wrote; ‘Abeg she should be calming down. Is she the first babymama??.’



  1. Iyke

    April 7, 2021 at 7:41 pm

    Chioma is not and can never be different from other ladies, impatient!!! Originally, attitude / bad character must have played in. You need lot of maturity to fit in here. If you can’t telorate him and accommodate his excesses, it will never work out. Remember, the young man in question is a celebrity, he is fame and almost everywhere meeting different kind people with lot of temptations, all you need is being humble, accommodate him, support him to get out of scandals. Take a leave from Annie Idibea, pardon my wrong spelling, if any.

  2. Zuccas

    April 8, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    Good morning chioma! You’re just waking up to reality? This is celebrity life.
    You want a taste of it and you have gotten.
    How on earth do you think you can control such a person? With a very high pedigree, abeg wake up. You have been used and dumped.
    Don’t think you’re the one making the news, soon no one will know you exist.
    You don’t want to marry a normal guy, you want to be in the news with all the flamboyant life, it’s usually short for people like you except you’re ready to tolerate some things.
    Do you know how many girls seeking his attention and yet he’s not a true Christian. Taaaa

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