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How celebrities turned up for Ngozi Nwosu’s birthday celebration

Ngozi Nwosu's birthday

Nigerian entertainment celebrities have turned up to celebrate veteran Nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu, as she clocks a new age today, the 1st of August 2022.

The energetic actress took the internet by storm with stunning photos and videos of herself cheering her new age.

Ngozi Nwosu penned a cheering birthday note to herself, urging her friends and fans to join her in savouring the moment she clocked a new age.

She wrote on Instagram: Very little happy isssaaaa HAPPILY!


Please join me as I savour this moment. Thank you everyone I see you

+1 and loving it.

Just say a prayer for me.

Pray for me now!

Loads of love.

Just another day with a lot of cakes *blushing*.


Say a prayer for me!

Thanks my family @coucicent I love you guys.

Nigerian entertainment celebrities including Kayode Peters, Kate Henshaw, Faith Ojo, Monalisa Chinda Coker, Clarion Chukwurah, Aloma Isaac, to mention but a few, took to Ngozi Nwosu’s timeline to celebrate her new age.

Kemi Filani recalls that Ngozi Nwosu marked the World’s International Women’s Day by expressing her thoughts and motivating other women to leave a positive impact.

She wrote: “Today marks the International Women’s Day. I am happy I’m a Woman, I am happy that as a woman I can be tough and subtle, sweet, charming, girlie & ladylike when I ought to be; I love the high sense of sensitivity that accompanies being a woman, it’s a rare gift exclusive to just us, not learnt, not rehearsed, its simply in our DNA. I love that I can take up some roles of a MAN but I also understand the need to step aside and let the MAN role play out/ function just the way God ordained. I love that we complement the men in so many ways. Oh! How lovely that Women bring forth life into existence, God sure thought us extraordinary beings. The uniqueness of a woman cannot be overemphasized, we are enigmas yet easy to decipher #whatanirony We never give up, we never say never, we take up challenges and turn ’em into triumps. We are goal getters, record setters & global achievers. Cheers to our hard and smart works, our resilience, intelligence, strenght, loving nature, understanding ability, careful thinking, patience, consideration and all round sweetness. We are indeed worth celebrating. GOD BLESS USHAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY”.

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