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“This is something beyond words” Dayo Amusa moved to tears over what a colleague wrote about her

Dayo Amusa is 39

Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has been moved to tears over what one of her colleagues, Abey Jomo wrote about her on her birthday.

Dayo Amusa, who celebrated her birthday a few days ago, received love from her colleagues, friends and fans.

Sharing a screenshot of what Abey Jomo wrote about her, Dayo Amusa said she is moved to tears over the lovely analysis of her younger colleague.

Abey Jomo identified Dayo Amusa as a classic Nollywood star, a queen in her lane of excellence and one who churns out valuable content with depths.

He aalso noted that the actress is disciplined with a clear and focused mind and is not swayed by peer pressure. He mentioned Dayo Amusa’s hit movie, Unforgivable, that paved way for Yoruba Nollywood in the cinema

He wrote, “Recently, a group of analysts were discussing about @wizkidayo @davido and @burnaboygram , trying to analyze who is leading on the track lane in Nigeria’s Music Industry? Everyone of them had their favorites and of course obvious reasons to back up their arguments. Three particular guys in the group led the argument and they did not agree on one artist. One said Davido, another said Wiz while the third said Burna. A 4th person who had been quiet then asked what about @olamide ? Then the three joined him in silence. They thought for a few seconds then they unanimously agreed that Olamide Badoo owns his own lane and he is the King of that lane. His lane so special even Wiz and Burna would also love to famz Olamide in his Republic.

This is how I see @dayoamusa among all our actresses. A classic Nollywood Star, a Queen in her lane of Excellence. A believer of the classic Nollywood that believes in valuable contents, good stories with depth. Role model look as an actress (not skimpy, naked appearances), getting famous with good values not notorious (as today’s Instagram sensations and clout chasers thrive).

Dayo is humble, rational, disciplined with a clear, focused mind. No peer pressure influences her, she does what she feels is right and leave what she doesn’t want to be a part of. Whether Nollywood has a credible archive or not, I will use this medium to remind our history writers that DAYO AMUSA IS A PIONEER OF A NEW NOLLYWOOD with her movie UNFORGIVEABLE! This movie created an inter-ethnic casting that broke an unfavorable jinx that marred the Nollywood space back then. While the SM space is a awashed today with many wrong things some actresses do, why don’t we herald the good things a remarkable role model like Dayo Amusa has done? Happy Birthday Adufe. I join the world to celebrate you my friend. God bless your new age Superstar!”

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