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“The past should be the past” – Dayo Amusa begins new chapter as she bids farewell to the past

Dayo Amusa sends warning to Femi Adebayo's wife

Actress and producer Dayo Amusa has bade a farewell to her past as she welcomed a new chapter by God’s grace.

Dayo Amusa, on her Instagram page spoke about leaving the past behind because it can destroy one’s future. She mentioned the importance of what is unknown about tomorrow because it can offer something great.

The beautiful actress made it known that her new chapter is as a result of God’s divine Grace.

“The past should be the past. It can destroy the future.

Live life for what tomorrow has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away

This new chapter is God’s divine grace.”

Dayo Amusa’s preaching for love trails her altercation with her colleague Femi Adebayo’s wife, Aduke.

The drama was fueled when Dayo reacted to the win of famous Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye otherwise known as Bobrisky at the movie premiere of Eniola Ajao’s Ajakaju.

She made a video where she expressed her displeasure at the disrespect melted on the female gender present at the premiere.

The actress called the judges, the organizers and the award presenter, Femi Adebayo, bluff stating they were wrong and not ok to have named a crossdresser the best dressed female .

A furious Aduke called out online aunties who always come to her dm with ‘dumb advice.’

She warned against their double standard narrative in advising her to keep calm, saying she will do what she did with actress Dayo Amusa a thousand times.

The food vendor made it known that her outburst a few weeks ago was to support her husband who was publicly criticized by a colleague who should have settled the issue amicablely.

A few days ago Dayo Amusa shared an important message with parents on how to plan their lives including their children’s life. She wrote about the repeated mistakes of parents that later boomerang. Such mistakes included not having a plan for their lives.

She urged parents to upgrade themselves as their children are being upgraded, make sure to have their children around them and have a strategic plan for the future.

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