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Businesswoman Diadem cries out for the umpteenth time over her stalker

In a recent development, popular businesswoman Adéola, popularly known as Diadem, has taken to her Snapchat to cry out over a stalker who has been invading her space for the longest time.

She shared a screenshot of his messages to her as she lamented over his ability to get private details about her life as well as access her contacts.

Sharing some messages that he shared to her, the stalker is seen actively stating his interest in her. He also went on to express that he’s still in love with her sweet voice and that he would love for her to sing in his ears.

Going further, he went on to say some sexual things to her as he expressed how he could not wait to suck her breasts.


Also recall that last year November, Diadem had shared a video of the stalker on her page. The man had paid her a visit to her business site and had been sending a video professing his undying love for her.

Prior to this, Diadem had also cried out over his consistent invasion of privacy.

According to her, she had even gotten the police involved and had gone through different measures just to get rid of him but all have proved abortive.

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