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“Many were happy that I was mourning” Bukunmi Oluwasina slams those waiting for her downfall

Bukunmi Oluwasina slams haters

Nollywood actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has tendered an apology to her fans, family, colleagues for pulling an insensitive prank on them.

Kemi Filani news reported a day back that the actress had broken down in tears while mourning the death of someone close to her.

The actress revealed that she had been left heartbroken and devastated over a great loss.

She disclosed that she has been traumatized over the incident as she can’t bring herself to the reality of the loss.

She wrote, “A while lot have been happening this past few days and even though I felt I should keep posting and ignore but it has been hard for me. This past few days have been quite traumatizing because I still can’t bring myself to the reality that you are gone. Just few days ago, we were still together she we go practically everywhere together”.

In an update to her post, Bukunmi assured her fans and family that all was well with her as she was only joking.

The mum of one stated that she was only joking around and was trying to lit up the atmosphere.

Bukunmi Oluwasina noted how many were happy believing that she was mourning and experiencing a great loss.

She wrote in a lengthy post on her Instagram, “I still dey receive call on this “Bukunmi Oluwasina says She has being going through a lot…. breaking down in tears” Post, some people already knew it was a prank the first time they saw it (The ones who know I rough play”. Some people were too scared to watch and started calling me. @iam_alesg too was sending me love and light inside DM. O pohhh Then A girl was cursing me in my comment section yesterday after realizing nothing bad actually happened to me. She called herself (oloriburuku so you were lying. May God waste your time like you wasted mine. Were I didn’t reply her. Mo block were danu. Emi ika, I no dey reply trolls. Aye was da. Oro na dun, O fe ke…. Let me sha say sorry for the people who cared about me and were too troubled and shocked before later seeing the video and laughed. Sorry I scared you for those few minutes. I just wanted you to experience laughter amidst tears ni. It’s a beautiful feeling. Was just trying to make you’all laugh as usual. If you are following me and know me too well, you would know I could be too playful at times that Everyone wouldnt even know I’m just acting. Cos it would look too real to be a lie. Now to those people who felt bad after realizing it’s a joke. Maybe you already sent the post to your partner in gossip saying, “Oloun ti mu” Cos no matter how good you are, there would always be some people somewhere waiting to hear had news about you. People wey you no offend o. One person even said “I saw this coming”. Una no dey see good things coming laye yin. Afi bad things, set awon igbobiliki. I hope I guys enjoyed the few seconds of happiness you had after seeing the post and thinking something abd happened? I’m so sorry to disappoint you. But I still can’t believe my follow come charger is gone Sha. And I’m still going through a lot cos of the charger. May everyone waiting endlessly to hear bad news about you or me be put the shame. They would keep waiting till the day they die”.

Bukunmi Oluwasina slams her haters
Bukunmi Oluwasina slams haters
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