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Bolanle Ninalowo’s wife takes full ownership of him on birthday

bolanle ninalowo birthday

Actor Bolanle Ninalowo’s wife, Bunmi has penned the most beautiful message to celebrate his birthday today on her Instagram page and declared that he is her absolute husband.

In the wake of viral reports of Nollywood actors being faced with different temptations with their female colleagues and going as far as even impregnating and getting married to them, Bunmi Ninalowo has declared that her husband is hers.

Sharing a video comprising of different photos of him, Bunmi honoured her husband, Bolanle Ninalowo thus:

“Raise a glass to this awesome man for whom I feel unconditional love

Today is a special day for my man, my other half, the person who completes me, whom I love and cherish with all my heart.

Join me to wish him a happy birthday.

On this day, I would like to show you my love and gratitude. You are an exceptional person with a big heart . Your whole personality fascinates me. I’m a fan, your biggest fan.

You’re that person, who gives smile to others and satisfies the needs of others. Your selflessness amazes me.

You’re that person with contagious passion. I admire your determination and your power to be passionate, your positive energy and motivate me, you always push me to be the best of myself.

You’re a worthy son, a loving brother,a caring friend and an outstanding husband

You’re so many things at once I could hardly list all the qualities that make up your person

But most of all you are my husband and all these things I love, make me love who you are.

May God protect you and keep you my world,may God hear your heart and grant you your heart desires

You deserve the best.To the love of my life!I love you and will always be here for you.

Happy Birthday KING MAKA”

And birthday celebrant, Bolanle Ninalowo acknowledges the post saying ” my everything. Thank you mama”

Bolanle Ninalowo releases new family portrait
Bolanle ninalowo and family

Kemi Filani recalls that 42 year old Bolanle Ninolowo once opened up on some of his past mistakes before God saved him.

“I do the best I can. One thing I am sure of is the fact that I am not confused. I honestly still carry my pain every day. My pain reminds me of what not to do. I am not a saint. I have made mistakes that God didn’t allow to pull me down. Every day I wake up, I wake up knowing I am privileged.”

When asked about his marriage, Bolanle Ninalowo said “I honestly don’t like talking about my marriage but all due respect to you. I have messed up a lot honestly. I would tell every woman out there; the worst thing that can happen to any woman out there is dating a dreamer. A dreamer is a lost person especially when the other person doesn’t even know that much. I took advantage in any way I could.  I just thank God I came out in flying colours. I made mistakes, but I am not defined by those mistakes. I can’t change the beginning but I can change the ending. For my marriage: loving my wife and kids is not a favour to them but to me. You are not doing anybody favours when you are doing the right thing.

But I used to think otherwise when I was young. I used to think I was doing my wife a favour by loving her but I understand better now. A life of peace is a choice. Nobody is smarter than any other person. Everybody is capable of doing what you are doing, so it’s all a choice. I grew up to that level. I also can’t judge the next person because our journey is different, so the moment you know it is all about you and your choice, you will be fine.



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