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Bambam speaks on facing domestic violence in marriage to Teddy A

On Christmas eve, News made rounds claiming that newly wedded BBNaija couple, Bambam and Teddy A, are having a troubled marriage due to domestic violence.

The gossip blog, Cutie_Julls on Instagram claimed Teddy A had been beating up his woman, Bambam and that he still has not stopped even after she is pregnant.

The rumour caused a lot of unrest amongst fans of the couple as they demanded that she blog show proof of their allegations rather than spread false news.

Well, Bambam has now reacted to the negative reports about her marriage.

In a video shared on Instagram, the heavily pregnant new wife said the post was a deliberate attempt to defame her family’s character as she wondered why anyone will ever joke about something as sensitive as domestic violence.

Bambam also reiterated that her husband, Teddy A, will never lift a finger to hit her no matter how provoked he gets.

She said: “I usually would not come out publicly to address rumours, but this is not just a rumour or random news, but a deliberate attempt at defaming my family’s character and my husband’s reputation.

“How do you joke with something as sensitive as domestic violence? To what end? We’re newlyweds for God’s sake.

“My husband will never lift a finger on me, he will never ever, no matter how angry he is, no matter how we fight or argue which is what normal couples go through. He will never lift a finger to hit me.”

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