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“Is the tattoo better than your natural skin?” Anita Joseph receives query for inking her chest

Critic slams Anita Joseph for tattooing her chest

A fan of Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph wasn’t impressed with her when she tattooed her chest.

Airing out her displeasure, she questioned the benefit of having a tattoo and if it’s better than her natural skin.

“What’s the benefit of that tattoo, is the tattoo better than your natural skin. NAWAOO!!”.

Trust Anita Joseph to reply her for quering her.

Anita Joseph told the female critic to direct her questions to her daughter and not her.

“Ask your daughter not me”.

_____Kemi Filani news recalls Anita Joseph had shared some secrets on how to have a sweeter marriage.

The actress and her husband, Fisayo Olagunju are one of the few celebrity couple who enjoy public display of affection.

The couple has made headlines for their infamous couple moments which shook the internet.

Sharing some tips on how to spice up one’s marriage, Anita Joseph advised intending lovers to get a partner who doubles as their playmate.

For her, when one is married to his or her playmate, the marriage will no doubt be sweeter.

Anita Joseph wrote : “Still our bday week. Get you a playmate it makes marriage sweeter kpichicom!! @realmcfish OBI M Pappy Nkem”.

Critic slams Anita Joseph for her tattoo
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