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Bring out your CCTV recordings to back up this stupidity you put out – Alex Unusual slams Doren hospital

As colleagues, friends and families continue to mourn the demise of their beloved ‘Patrick Fakoya’ better known as Rico Swavey, reality TV star, Alex Unusual has slammed the management of Doren Hospital over the statement they put out following the video of health attendants allegedly mocking the deceased.

Kemi Filani news reported that on Friday, 14th October, Doren hospital denied claims that its nurses were not negligent in the treatment of late Rico Swavey. The hospital also insisted that its staff did not film the reality TV star on his sick bed.

Doren hospital statement


An unknown patient, a victim of RTA was rushed to Doren Specialist Hospital around 1:45am on Tuesday 11th October, 2022. On arriving at out gate, the security personnel promptly called the nurse who reviewed and called the doctor. The doctor saw a deeply unconscious patient with Glasgow Coma Scale of 3/15, smelling of alcohol. The doctor ordered that the patient be brought into the Accident and Emergency unit where he was found to be bleeding from the ear, nose and mouth, and also vomiting copiously (mainly recently ingested meal).

The airway was cleared and suctioned, oxygen administration was commenced. Blood pressure read 130/85mmHg, Spo2-93% on oxygen and 85% off oxygen. Intravenous fluid 5% Dextrose saline and 0.9% Normal saline was set up, injection Hydrocortisone and injection Diclofenac administered (the face mask, oxygen cylinder and intravenous line can be seen on the trending video on the internet).

Efforts were made to trace his family and one female friend of his (Miss Ify Helen Eze, phone no- 07061694680) came into the facility to see him. She and the Good Samaritan who brought the patient was told of the severity of his condition and the need of urgent neurosurgical review and also the need to be referred to Evercare hospital. Miss Ify Helen Eze fainted on seeing his condition and she had to be resuscitated.

A detailed referral letter was written and given to the relations. After an initial reluctance, they accepted the letter. But before leaving the 2 of them (Miss Ify and the Good Samaritan) decided to make a video to exonerate themselves from being implicated as being responsible for the patient’s condition. Most likely Miss Ify Helen Eze and her partner (Good Samaritan) are the people who videoed and posted on social media for reasons best known to them.

Doren Nurses pleaded with them to help take the patient to the vehicle and stop videoing. At no point in time did a Doren staff video the patient or laugh. One of the nurses spoke in Hausa trying to persuade them to assist in moving the patient who has already been positioned on our stair chair ready to be moved to the vehicle. instead they kept videoing.

The following morning, our nurses reached out to Miss Ify Helen Eze to find out about the current condition of the patient and we were told patient was currently hospitalized and receiving care in Evercare Hospital.

72hours after the referral from Doren Specialist Hospital, we were shocked to hear that the young man had passed on. Doren and it staff empathize with the family of the deceased.

We have discussed with HEFAMMA, who is looking into the case and the Police at Ajiwe.Ajah who have called Miss Ify Helen Eze to confirm if she was the one who put the video on social media.

Alex slams management of Doren Hospital

Reacting to the statement by Doren hospital, Alex Unusual shared a part of the statement and asked the hospital to release its closed-circuit television (CCTV) to back up its claim. She also slammed them for not having a functional emergency vehicle to transport a patient.

Alex also faulted the hospital for releasing the phone number of one Miss Ify Helen to the public while noting that nobody ahs anything good to say about them. Taking a swipe at the medical attention given to Rico according to the video, she asked if they dont have stretchers insted of placing him on a chair.

She wrote:

“Coming from a hospital that didn’t have a functioning vehicle to move an emergency patient.

“You people are out of your minds. Please bring out your cctv recordings to back up this stupidity you put out.

“What gave you the guts to release someone’s phone number to the public, invading the privacy of someone that’s mourning especially when your carelessness is an undeniable cause of it? @doren hospital you impotent excuse for a hospital, Nobody has any good thing to say about your hospital from all I’ve heard. Bad reviews and unqualified staff. You failed your patient. Irritants.

“@doren_hospital “you positioned him on a chair ready to be moved to a vehicle” and you people are not ashamed to type it. What happened to the hospital stretchers? Not functioning too I believe or you don’t even have. You guys reek of unprofessionalism. You fucking disgust me!!!”

Alex also expressed her frustration with the Nigerian system. She wrote:

“I’m exhausted. I’m really tired. A lot of things aren’t in place. For how long will we continue like this?

“The roads are dark, we hardly have street lights, life threatening portholes in all corners, bad roads with obstacles everywhere, poor healthcare system, what is even this thing about some hospitals asking for money before handling an emergency?

“Why isn’t it safe for passerbys to respond immediately and appropriately to accidents for fear of being accused of one thing or the other by the police and government all because they thought to help?

“How many more people do we need to lose this way before this system is fixed? Why are under equipped hospitals still open? Who coordinates hospital inspections? These past few days have drained me.

Netizens reaction to Alex’s instastories

Netizens who have reacted to Alex instagram stories asked her to let sleeping dogs lie while others faulted the health care system in the country.

one Kay wrote: The major issue which impaired ER treatment was the alcohol in his system which was deliberately highlighted by the hospital Alcohol in an accident injured victin can cause internal bleeding , difficulty in breathing, interaction with medicatuns administered and worthy to notem he died three days afer the video. This one is just chasing clout , not mourning, forming best friend. May Rico rest in peace. Dont drink under the influence of alcohol simple.

One Anoymous wrote: Dear Nigerians, when you get to an accident scene try not to move victims . Ensure that the airways are clear and they can breath. If you cannot get medics to the scene and need to move victims keep in mind their spinal cord. A lot of victims suffer spinal cord injury and die as a result of improper handling from accident scene to hospital. The hamdling of Rico with that wheelchair was wrong. Pl dont move accident victims if you dont know how and if you have to make sure not to twist their neck or bodies and support the neck.

Another Anoymous wrote: They put out too much confidential information just to justify and exonerate the hospital. We want to remember him for the sweet, funny, son, friend and human being he was. Save us the smelling of alcohol part, and stop this rubbish.

One Baby girl for life wrote: Until Nigeria happens to you, you can’t understand the pain Alex is feeling. This was an avoidable death

One Titus wrote: Bunch of unprofessionals…. Releasing one’s private details without consent is very very wrong!!! You should have released the deposit receipt you charged them too.

One Anoymous wrote: My own is the inflammatory statement of ‘he was reeking of alcohol’ done to damage his persona. Family needs to sue the shit out of these guys.

One Kanu wrote: That hospital is a death-trap!!!…My son almost died in that hospital due to negligence, unconcerned..lack of professionalism..no human feeling…animals.

One Madison wrote: lot of pharmacy store aka chemist are better than many Nigerian hospitals. This is because of their level of greed and need to be independent.10 under equipt hospitals can merge to form 1 big partly equipt one but ego no go let them. Another is the hospital staff 70% are mentally unstable, zero empathy as long as it’s not them suffering. I have seen nurses chat away while a persons life is draining or they watching African magic chewing gum while watching you in pains. Even one I still hate was requesting we get a card while her fellow lady was going through hell. That is why when most travel abroad they transfer that lack of empathy and emotionlessness to their amily and not the patients. We need to standardize the health sector.

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