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“If you sing for a politician, you have endorsed that candidate”, Actor Akah Nnani tells Timi Dakolo and others

Akah Nnani addresses Timi Dakolo and others who sing and pray at political events

Nollywood actor, Akah Nnani has issued out a public announcement to his colleagues who sing or pray at political events.

He opined that doing such indirectly means one is endorsing such politicians as candidates for the general election.

The actor cum media personality stated that as public figures and entertainers, they don’t have the luxury of taking their image or work lightly, especially not now.

Akah Nnani told his colleagues to start choosing sides now, as fixing the country is more than screaming about what’s wrong.

“If you pray at a political event or you sing for a politician, you have endorsed that candidate.
As public figures/Entertainers, we don’t have the luxury of taking our image or work lightly. Now now. We must act with purpose and be burdened with posterity. Let’s walk the talk”.

Akah Nnani added, “We have to start choosing sides now. This is a public announcement to all, but especially to my fellow colleagues. It’s not by screaming about what’s wrong with the country when it’s convenient. It’s hard sometimes, but you have to turn down that money. We already know who our enemies are. From now, you have to decide on whose side you are on. Are you for the generation that has failed us time and time again? And dealt wickedly with is during the protests? Or are you about looking for alternatives and the new generation and using your platform and the gift of influence that you have to spread hope for a better future? Answer these questions now and choose your side. But whatever you choose, stay consistent”.

Kemi Filani news earlier Timi Dakolo was dragged online after performing at Atiku’s presidential declaration.

Nigerian youths expressed their disappointment online after he chose to sing his well-loved and accepted national song ‘Great Nation’ at the ceremony of Atiku Abubakar’s declaration for the 2023 presidency, on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

Speaking out on the backlash, the singer, who was unashamed and unremorseful, vowed to repeat it again.

He promised to do more singing at rallies and collect his money.

Timi Dakolo told the critic to go and sing if he is pained.

In his words, “I will sing and collect bread my G, if it pains you well well, go sing your own”.

Akah Nnani public announcement to his colleagues on forthcoming election
Akah Nnani public announcement to his colleagues on forthcoming election
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