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“Karma though” Actress Adaora Ukoh tells Laide Bakare as she cries out over the hardship in the country

Adaora Ukoh tackles Laide Bakare for lamenting over the situation in the country

Nollywood actress, Adaora Ukoh has slammed her Yoruba colleague, Laide Bakare for crying out over the hardship in the country.

Hours ago, the light-skinned Yorba star had taken to her Instagram page to lament over the situation of things in the country. Laide, who seemed to have supported President Tinubu during the General Election, expressed how saddened she is with the situation of things in the country.

She stated that it wasn’t a happy week for her, as she questioned which way Nigerians should go.

Appealing to the President, she told him to look into the state of the nation as she noted how Nigeria has never been this bad.

“It’s actually NOT Happy New Week. Abeg, which way to go? @officialasiwajubat Please look into the state of the nation. Nigeria has never been this bad”.

Taking to a blog’s comment section, Adaora Ukoh slammed her as she stated that what Laide was experiencing was called Karma.

“Karma though”, she wrote.

Laide Bakare laments over the economy
Adaora Ukoh tackles Laide Bakare for lamenting over the situation in the country

Last week, actor, Olaiya Igwe had surprised many when he publicly tendered apology to Nigerians over his campaign for Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President of Nigeria.

Refreshing your memory, Olaiya made headlines last year, when he shared a video of himself n**ked praying for BAT. In the clip, Olaiya was standing at a river bank butt n@ked as he prayed to his creator to make Tinubu win the 2023 general election.

One year later, the actor apologized to Nigerians for the video, blaming it on the revelation he received over BAT and for the help Tinubu tendered to him during his sickbed.

Hours ago, Mercy Aigbe had made a passionate appeal to the son of the President, Seyi Tinubu.

In a post on her Instagram page, the mother of two noted how people are hungry and dying in the country over the economy. She noted how people are going out of their minds in a bid to fend for themselves.

She asserted that the present situation of the country is terrible and she urged the government to do something about it. In a message to Seyi Tinubu, she appealed to him to talk to his father on their behalf.

During the weekend, actress Debbie Shokoya lamented over the economy, noting how she does not complain about Nigeria’s problems, but things have gotten out of hand and now she is weak.

Debbie stated that she is beginning to wonder if the government has any good plans for the citizens at all as she noted how there is no light, fuel is cost, food items are high and business owners are complaining.

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