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‘Rappers even diss their mother in songs’ Actress Shan George frowns at Tiwa Savage’s public fight with Seyi Shay

Nollywood actress and producer Shan George has frowned at Nigerian sensational singer Tiwa Savage for publicly fighting her colleague Seyi Shay.

This comes after a video of Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay fighting dirty at a salon over a feud they had 2 years ago surfaced online.

According to Tiwa Savage, Seyi had exchanged pleasantries with her at a saloon but was not comfortable following Seyi’s negative comments about her 2 years ago and blocking her on social media.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, Shan George recalled some of the words used by Tiwa Savage, which she (Tiwa) claimed Seyi had said to her in the past, which automatically makes them an enemy.

While frowning at Tiwa Savage for bearing grudges for over two years, Shan George questioned Tiwa Savage if she’s aware that Rappers also diss their mother in songs, which is why she is fighting with them, Seyi Shay.

She wrote: When I hear things like… U can’t diss me online and greet me in real life. Or something like…. Years ago, he or she made a bad comment about me on a post. So you instantly become enemy? Wow. Do you know that rapers diss even their own mother in songs? Mr and Mrs grudge bearer ayam afraid of you, una wehdom.

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