Messi tops Ronaldo in Forbes highest-paid athletes list

Argentine Barcelona star, Lionel Messi has been named the top highest-paid athlete by Forbes Magazine.

He sits atop his rival, Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo, with £99.8million which is a combination of his salary and endorsement deals.

Ronaldo comes second on the list with a salary and endorsement deal combination of £85.7m million.

In third place is the most expensive player in the world, Neymar who raked in £82.5m.

Check out the list of the World’s Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes in 2019 below.

Rank Athlete Sport Salary/Winnings £ ($) Endorsements £ ($) Total Earnings £ ($)

1 Lionel Messi Soccer 72.3m (92m) 27.5m (35m) 99.8m (127m)
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer 51.1m (65m)
34.6m (44m) 85.7m (109m)
3 Neymar Soccer 58.9m (75m) 23.6m (30m) 82.5m (105m)
4 Canelo Alvarez Boxing 72.3m (92m) 1.6m (2m) 73.9m (94m)
5 Roger Federer Tennis 5.8m (7.4m) 67.6m (86m) 73.4m (93.4m)
6 Russell Wilson Football 63.2m (80.5m) 7m (9m) 70.3m (89.5m)
7 Aaron Rodgers Football 63.1m (80.3m) 7m (9m) 70.2m (89.3m)
8 LeBron James Basketball 28.3m (36m) 41.7m (53m) 70m (89m)
9 Stephen Curry Basketball 29.7m (37.8m) 33m (42m) 62.7m (79.8)
10 Kevin Durant Basketball 23.9m (30.4m) 27.5m (35m) 51.4m (65.4m)


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