How Etinosa and I planned the controversial Instagram live video – MC Galaxy spills

While Nigerians might have gotten over the Etinosa and MC galaxy, Instagram live video saga, which happened on March 15th, the singer has come out to shed more lights on what really transpired between them.

In a fresh interview with HIP Tv, MC Galaxy revealed that the video where the actress appeared completely naked on his IG live was a planned deal but he did not know she would go to the extent that she did.

He said: ‘I think I need to say the whole truth about this live video thing once and for all. The live video thing we planned it. Me and Etinosa actually planned that stuff but I wasn’t happy the way the whole thing turned pout to be on me alone. We planned it but we did not plan she would ”over naked” like that. She over did it when she came on live video”.

It would also be recalled that Etinosa received a lot of backlash from Nigerians and at a point, came out to apologise and state that she regrets her action.


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