Benue State protests against establishing Ruga settlement (Photos)

Below are pictures from a protest in Benue State against the proposed plan by the Federal Government to establish Ruga settlement in the State.

The pictures were shared on Twitter by @collinsuma who feared how the Fulanis would take advantage of the settlement with entitlement mentality.

He wrote:

“Buhari is forcefully establishing these Fulani settlements across Benue State. They call it #RugaSettlement 
I can’t imagine the entitlement mentality this will give the Fulanis. They are above the law in Benue State. The contractor “Clear Sky Broad Band” is an ICT company”.

Benue State protest against ruga settlement

Meanwhile, Governor Samuel Ortom through his adviser Terva Akase revealed that the state has rejected the idea of a Ruga settlement same way they rejected cattle colonies which it was former disguised as.

We find the approach of the federal ministry of agriculture not only as a gross violation of the ranching law but also as an insult to the sensibilities of the entire people of Benue state.

“We wish to remind those pushing for Ruga settlements that the constitution of the country gives states the right to make laws for the governance of their people.


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