Beautiful SA vocalist, Nichume kills herself

Nichume Siwundla, a beautiful South African vocalist has reportedly committed suicide.

It is reported that Nichume jumped off a building in Johannesburg on the 9th of June which led to her death.

In a statement released by her record label, Top Chap Media, they confirmed the reports that Nichume died from an apparent suicide in her Johannesburg home.

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of our fellow musician, sister and friend Nichume.

Nichume was found at a friend’s place last night following an apparent suicide.

She was an accomplished musician and a qualified ophthalmologist. Nichume reached the heights of her fame when she lent her voice to Mobi Dixon’s hit “Bhutiza”. She featured on singles “Daydreaming” by Fistaz Mixwell and Mobi Dixon, as well as “Far Away” by DJ Anda featuring Mobi Dixon.

Following the success of Bhutiza in 2017, she was then signed to Top Chap Media, founded by Mobi Dixon.

The duo had just released a single together titled ‘Thobela’ – which has been making appearances in the top 100 weekly radio charts.

Late Nichume Siwundla 

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