Anthony Joshua starts eating the Mexican food Andy Ruiz eats ahead of rematch

Former boxing heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua has revealed what his new diet is as he prepares for a rematch with Mexico’s Andy Ruiz.

Last week, Anthony Joshua lost his titles to Andy Ruiz who knocked him out in the second round. The shocking loss rocked social media with many fans wondering how a muscular Anthony Joshua lost to Ruiz whom they say is fat.

Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz

Many of those who reacted to the loss stated that it was a declaration that six packs means nothing compared to being fat. To them, it’s now a waste of time going to work out at the gym.

Some quarters attributed the loss to delicious Mexican food which they believe gave Andy Ruiz the upper hand.

To troll the social media trolls, Anthony Joshua decided to share pictures of what his diet will be henceforth in preparation for the rematch speculated to take place November.

A watermark seen on the pictures appear to state that he will henceforth base himself on Mexican food thereby ditching Pounded Yam, his favorite Nigerian dish.


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