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Igbo men are misogynistic and love to control women – Lady

A lady has taken to Twitter to state that Igbo men are very misogynistic and worse than men in Northern Nigeria.

According to her post, Igbo men love to marry a lady with a minute d if her own but would want t to tame her with their obsession of being in control.

She shared:

Igbo men are generally insufferable and very misogynistic, subtly or not. You’d be lucky to find one who isn’t.

I actually don’t know who’s worse between them and men from the north.

At least, the Northern ones like to marry women who can manage their rubbish. Igbo men? Lol

They’ll want to marry a woman with a mind and spirit of her own then “tame her” or “call her to order”.

The obsession with being in control is wild.

If you’re lucky enough to find one who isn’t, hold on to that unicorn tightly.

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