Stella Dimokokorkus makes case against the women impregnated by Ubi Franklin

Nigerian blogger Stella Dimokokorkus has advised those blaming Ubi Franklin for impregnating another woman to extend the same blame to all the women spreading their thighs for him.

According to a post she shared on social media, Ubi Franklin shouldn’t just be called the irresponsible one alone for not using a condom, the ladies also deserve the tag.

Stella Dimokokorkus wrote:

“So Ubi Franklin announces he is getting a third child and you all are bashing him for not using condom. What about the Ladies who part their thighs for him to mount with ladder?when a pregnancy is announced TWO PEOPLE are responsible not one!…..be wise when slamming him and include the baby mamas. I am not in support of a serial blokos but hey ain’t there serial women too?”


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