Here’s the real reason Alex rejected a 2018 Range Rover gift

When it was revealed after BBNaija’s Alex’s birthday that she rejected a 2018 Range Rover SUV gift from an anonymous individual, it was almost hard to believe, although at the time, she also received a car gift from her group of fans.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, Alex disclosed the reason for her action stating that she is not moved by material gifts. She said, “I rejected the first car I received on my birthday. For me, it was not just about the gift but where it was coming from. The second car given to me was from love. Responsible fans put their money together to get me the car, while the former was from someone who liked me. It is okay to like me but I didn’t feel it was right to collect a car from an admirer. He could decide to collect the car from me anytime he felt like. If I collected the car and I told him I didn’t want a relationship later, what would happen?”

Alex clarified that the decision to reject the gift was not borne out of pride but a deeper feeling. She said “The man felt I was too proud when I rejected the car gift. But I am not a proud lady. I know many girls will take the vehicle; it was a 2018 Range Rover (for crying out loud). But I am Alex Unusual; I am not the type who can be wooed with material things.”

Alex also added that her rejection did not come as a surprise to her mother who has witnessed her reject several gifts in the past.


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