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Broke politician to sell his kidney and one of his testicles (Photo)

A politician has allegedly put up his kidney for sale in a bid to be free from the looming financial crisis and poverty.

27-year-old Ian-Harriel Kowiti, has put up his kidney for sale at KSh 1.5 million (N5,410,741) for any local client while a customer from outside Kenya will have to pay three times the amount, KSh 4.5 million (N16,232,222).

Kowiti reported vied in the 2017 General Election for MCA as an independent candidate and lost.

In a Facebook post, the politician stated that he was also ready to part with one of his testicles at KSh 500,000 (N1,803,580) for any willing client.

“Why should I have two of them (testicles) dangling between my legs when I can comfortably survive with one of them and do the job normally?” posed Kowiti during an interview with Radio Maisha.

“You know there are people out there who can’t have a child. I just want to share what I have, for a little profit of course! I am tired of being broke yet I don’t need the two testicles,” he added.

“I have no problem with donating my kidney, its just that I am now financially constrained and I wouldn’t mind some cash in exchange for the organ. You see, still if I were to donate my kidney, the beneficiary would have to cater for the surgery costs and transport expenses if its a place outside Kenya,” he said.


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