What Shehu Sani said about APC after Atiku, Saraki arrived the US

Against the popular notion that former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, cannot visit the US due to corruption charges, Shehu Sani has reacted to his arrival to the United States and taunted APC.

Kemifilaninews had reported that Atiku Abubakar, and his entourage had arrived in the Washington, DC, on Thursday.

The Federal Government and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, had claimed the Wazirin Adamawa would never be able to enter the US over money laundering allegations hanging on his neck.

However, the former Vice President tweeted and shared photos of himself and stated that he would be meeting with US Officials.

Shehu Sani wrote…

He tweeted,
“I think say una dey brag and una dey make mouth say the man no fit go America. Now as the man don go and dey no catch am, make una kuku take style change una talk before shame come catch una.

“Make una say na sambisa he no go fit go, make una say na those press people change una talk, if una Dey follow that Lai lai na so linesmen una go be for lie lie. Abegi.”

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