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See how a woman faked her own death to end relationship with boyfriend

Reports have emerged that a woman has declared herself dead in order to dump her boyfriend. The incident happened in South Africa.

According to iHarare, the boyfriend, Timothy Malesa, 46, arrived at his girlfriend’s house in Winterveld, Tshwane, and met her son, who told him that his mom was dead,

The boy reportedly told Malesa that his mother committed suicide, which made Malesa comfort the boy as much as he could before heading home.

However, he later found out that his girlfriend wasn’t dead but alive and well. His girlfriend’s landlord confirmed the his findings when Malesa went to confront him.

The landlord told Malesa that she had faked her death, in order to break up with him and move on with her new lover.

The landlord said he saw her walking out of the compound with her new lover.

Malesa, who hails from Block B in Mabopane, Tshwane, told iHarare that his girlfriend ran away with his laptop, gym bicycle, R1 500 (N39483.18) and other items.

He said, “She even stole the laundry basket!”

He said he never thought his lover of two years would do this to him, “This is like being shot dead by your own bullet.

“I don’t want to see her any more and I don’t love her any more because she stole from me.”

Timothy said he had tried to contact her but her phone was always off.

Police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo advised Malesa to report the case at a police station, so a “case of theft under false pretences can be opened.”

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