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Scientist reportedly eaten by crocodile while feeding it

While feeding a 17ft long crocodile, a 44-year-old scientist was dragged into its enclosure and eaten by the giant reptile.

According to the reports, the deceased identified as Deasy Tuwo was giving the crocodile, nicknamed Merry, lumps of meat, on Friday, January 11, 2019, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, when she met her demise.

The reptile reportedly stood on its hind legs and leapt up the 8ft high concrete wall behind which the Tuwo stood, to drag her into the shallow water where it lived.

A member of staff at the facility housing Merry, CV Yosiki Laboratory, revealed his horror at making the shocking discovery at 8.45am, after noticing a “strange shape” in the water.

Shortly after, they found the crocodile lying on the ground with Tuwo’s mutilated body still in its jaws.

The reptile reportedly ate another crocodile sharing its pool, before attacking the scientist.

At the time the discovery was made, Merry had bitten off Tuwo’s left arm and badly mutilated her torso.

During an attempt to retrieve the corpse of the deceased, Merry reportedly trashed around, each time making the task even more difficult.

However, the crocodile was finally captured this morning, Monday, January 14, and was pictured strapped to a truck for transportation to a medical facility where tests will be carried out to confirm the parts of the deceased it may have ingested.


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