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Lady flaunts her hairy arms, vows never to shave them (Photos)

A South African last has vowed never to shave the hair on her arms even if people think it makes her look less attractive. The lady shared pictures of her hairy arms on Twitter to prove how much she’s comfortable being that way.

She wrote:

“I’m actually disgusted by the comments made but guess what “I’M NOT SHAVING” Yal must learn to be comfortable with yourselves instead of trying to make us feel we less beautiful or not human. Tshweni ke m….o”


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Twitter users reacted:

“You are beautiful just the way you are. Haven’t seen such a natural original Pic in a long time. Do you Boo?”

Another tweet:

“We know u know are beautiful and I think u knw to …so stop paying attention to negativity and check out good pple commenting nice things … U totally ignored the guys and girls bekhuhaeukela …. Mxm yesis”

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