Nigerian hospitals nearly amputated my legs – KC Ejelonu

Nollywood actress, KC Ejelonu recently took to Instagram to complain about the deterioration in the healthcare system in the country and revealed that her legs would have been amputated by a Nigerian hospital which was unable to properly diagnose the health condition she was facing at a time.

Ejelonu wrote on Instagram, “I am really worried about the next generation and those who don’t have access to good medical care. This is the third time I am having a medical issue in Nigeria. The first time, they almost amputated my leg instead of them to drain out the fluid I had in my leg.

“Where is Nigeria headed? This scares me so much. I truly want to be a part of some change in Nigeria. And I pray God destroys the plan of any individual who wants to be in government or who is already in government and not doing what they should be doing. Providing services for the citizens should be a priority.”

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, the actress further explained the situation. She said, “Yes I am conscious of my health; I have my medical records with me when I registered in all the hospitals. It breaks my heart to know that they didn’t have what I needed. To be honest, that we don’t have an emergency ward in hospitals is heartbreaking”

“It was just excess fluid called Edema. After they had done a blood test and said I was fine, I was told if the swelling increased, they would have to amputate it. That was my first time having Edema, so I didn’t know what to do and at the time, I wasn’t told it was Edema. I took the next available flight out of Nigeria and went straight to the National Health Service (in the UK) and they diagnosed me with Edema,” she told the newspaper.


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