Meet Toyin Abraham’s new lover and colleague, Kolawole Ajeyemi (photos)

Few months after her publicized engagement to her lawyer boyfriend got dissolved, Toyin Abraham has found love again and this time it is with her colleague, Kolawole Ajeyemi.

Seven months ago, the Nollywood actress excitedly shared the news of her getting engaged to Ibadan based Olugbenga Olujimi, a legal practitioner. The engagement did not however last as the couple struggled with her being in the spotlight, something he didn’t particularly care for. No sooner did they settle into their statuses as “fiancee” and “fiance” did they call it quits and go their separate ways.

Now, Toyin Abraham- who only yesterday was accused by her ex-husband Adeniyi Johnson of refusing to grant him a divorce- has found another lover who she’s said to be head-over-heels in love with- fellow Nollywood actor Kolawole Ajeyemi (known in the Yoruba movie sub-sector as “Awilo”).

The two reportedly have known each other within the industry which they work for nearly a decade but only started dating a couple of months ago.

NET has exclusively gathered that unlike her other relationships, the actress has decided to keep this relationship out of the public eye and has informed only a few close friends.

Our source further informed us that while Toyin has had an affinity for men who work in the same industry as her, this is the first time she’s with someone who shares her dreams and passions.

On his part, Ajeyemi who is based in Abeokuta i s said to be proud of the fact that he’s with Toyin and describes her as his “world”. He has been around for over decade and was for a long time a bit-part character in many movies, often as a gangster or love interest.

He has also featured in the same movies with Toyin but not as co-leads. In the last five years, however, he has become a filmmaker himself, producing mid-range budget movies mainly from his base in Ogun State.



  1. Kemi! Abeg I refuse to believe this. Toyin Abraham is my best Actress. As in I love her die. She better not be dating this guy, she can do better than this. Her brand has upgraded nd she can do better than “these” guys. I’d be so disappointed if they are truly an item. Infact I will be pained.

  2. How did I miss this?
    I can’t believe it, this is BS no way if she wants to date someone in the same industry as hers I’m sure it won’t be this guy.
    Kemi, I think you need to confirm some stories don’t just bring it to your blog because of NET or whatever wrote nonsense on their website.

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