Raheem Sterlin apologizes after he got awarded a bizarre penalty

Manchester City player, Raheem Sterlin has apologized for a poor decision which led to him getting awarded a penalty in his side’s 6-0 trumping of Shakhtar Donesk on Wednesday.

Referee Victor Kassai pointed to the spot in the 24 minute when it looked like Raheem Sterling was fouled by Mykola Matviyenko.

Replays however showed that the England international simply fell over his own feet. Sterlin has however express how sorry he is for profiting from a wrong decision.

“I went to chip the ball and don’t know what happened,” Sterling said.

“I didn’t feel contact. I scuffed the ball. Apologies to the ref.

“It’s one of those where I didn’t want to look like I was looking for a foul I just put my head down and didn’t want to say anything.

“It is what it is and apologises again.”

Meanwhile, Coach Pep Guardiola said: “We realised it wasn’t a penalty.

“After being asked if Sterling could have told the referee, Raheem could have told the referee.

“We don’t like to score in that situation.

“You know VAR and what it is – the referee must be helped because they don’t want to make mistakes.

“The game is so fast these days. It takes 10 seconds for somebody to say something to the referee.

“Would you tell a player to pass the ball to the keeper?

“A coach would never say that. But I’m young, I will learn.”



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