Man written off over poor grades, becomes first black District Attorney in the U.S

An inspiring story of a man who was written off severally over poor grades, has gone viral as he has now become the first black District Attorney in the United States of America. The young man who has three daughters has proven that even though going to school is important, turning out successful is key.

According to his daughter, Quuen Brian Middleton, her dad had a G.P.A of 1.9 in high school and was told he wouldn’t be anything especially with those kind of grades however, he soon became an attorney. Afterwards, he was told that he couldn’t be district attorney because he is a “Black” man but now he has been elected as Fort Bend’s first black District Attorney in the U.S

Her post on social media sparked a conversation on social media platforms as different online users recount on how their teachers in school told them they would amount to nothing, crushing their self esteem ove low grades.


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