Traditional adherents reveal what Ifa said will happen in 2019

Traditional adherents have revealed what will happen after the 2019 general elections in Nigeria. The adherents under the umbrella of Ancient Religion Societies of African Descendants International Council (ARSADIC), advised Nigerians to discard the predictions from certain quarters that the nation will disintegrate come 2019.

ARSARDIC President, Dr. Sola Olalekan Atanda while speaking said, “A God fearing person that believes in God must be optimistic, to be pessimistic is very dangerous, pessimism kill ambition. If you don’t have ambition, you may not have achievement. God is a great God, God will not destroy his handwork, we are God fearing people in Nigeria. A lot of people worship God in Nigeria, Christians, Muslims and traditional religion adherents, we all worship God. So, how can we now say that Nigeria will be doomed in 2019? No.

“We see prosperity and that is why we always consult God, that is why we had a divination in September this year, to ask God what we can do, what should be done to make Nigeria to continue to be giant of Africa, to give good life to our President, Muhammdu Buhari and his team.

“And, God told us that He will continue to have mercy on us, but we have to work hard, that prosperity will come. We see prosperity for Nigeria. There are many countries that are great today, they have passed thorough their own difficult times, look at USA that we say they are stabilised, they also have their own problems. No problem is not surmountable.

“People may be thinking negative that there will be danger in 2019, but God told us no, there will be no danger if we work hard, do what we are supposed to do, there will be no crisis. We will not have any problem. But, people must be upright. It is what you sow that you will reap.

“We believe that Nigeria will still coexist after the elections. But, Nigerian government should remember that Nigeria is a secular state, what they are giving to Muslims and Christians should be extended to the traditional religion adherents for us to continue to contribute our own quota to the peace and development of Nigeria.

“We called on the God to accept our sacrifices and requests. We have made divinations about Nigeria in the areas of education, health, we prayed for the President and the 2019 general elections.

“But, let us say the truth. The truth shall set us free. Those who are doing evil in the land, let us tell them that there is nothing that does not have its consequences. Why do people need to keep money in the soakaway, in septic tanks, the money that is not useful to us? We asked God to change those who are doing evil for good, but those who are still adamant, we pray to God to change them”.

Atanda added that the AGM was an avenue for the organisation to appraise itself and take decisions on ways to move forward.



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