How police saved a man’s life after he had a health problem while driving

A man has been rescued by a group of unidentified policemen after he had a health emergency while driving along Abuja/Kaduna federal highway.

The man identified as Alhaji Lawal Jet Kaugama, was seen parked by the side of the road laying down in pains after vomiting.

The officers who were on patrol along the highway took him to a hospital where he was treated.

Sharing on Facebook, the man’s friend wrote:

The man in this picture is Alhaji Lawal Jet Kaugama my very close friend who was saved by the bell on account of the timely arrival of the police “Operation Yaki” anti-crime crack team. Lawal had a sudden and severe malarial attack along Abuja/Kaduna federal highway, and had to park his car in emergency by the roadside.

He was vomiting profusely, and worse still, he was alone in an inhospitable area where kidnappers operate.

As luck would have it, out of nowhere, a police team spotted him by the side of the parked car and stopped. They met him lying down in pains and asked him what was the problem, but he was too weak to respond. The police team finally decided to drive him to a hospital in Kaduna where he was given an emergency admission and treated.

Alhaji Lawal said he was overwhelmed by the police show of compassion, offering help to a man in distress. According to him, the policemen didn’t even leave their phone numbers for him to contact them after he was discharged to show his appreciation.


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