I saw P-square reunite in my dream – Daddy Showkey

Many fans of twin singers, Paul and Peter Okoye of the music defunct, Psquare are yet to come to terms with the career split of the two grown men, and veteran singer, Daddy Showkey is one of them

Showkey who has often times made public his wish that the “Psquare” group rise again, said he he saw the brothers re-uniting in his dream, and he believes they can actualize that in reality.

When Sunday Scoop reached out to the ghetto singer to find out if he had actually done anything to bring the twin brothers together in the real world, he replied in the affirmative.

He said:

“It is true that I dreamt about P-Square’s reconciliation and I am working on it. I believe in the process through which the revelation came and I am sure that something will come out of it. It is something that I’m very emotional about.

It is not really an issue I want to discuss with anybody until I know what I’ve achieved in my quest. I really love those boys together and I believe they still have a great future together. I don’t want to talk much about the moves I’ve made but when the results begin to show, it would be obvious to everyone.”

Lending his wealth of experience to artistes (especially groups) on how they can stand the test of time, Showkey said:

“Just like in every other area of human endeavour, it is normal for people to fall out with one another. It all depends on the individuals involved and how they manage their differences. You may stop doing business with someone but you don’t have to become enemies. For you to last in the entertainment industry, you have to be consistent, original and stay true to what you believe in.”


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