“I don’t wish to have a child before marriage” – Orezi

In a season in Nigeria’s music scene where babymamas have become a trend, Nigeria Afropop artiste, Orezi has made it known that he does not wish to be caught in that kind of drama.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper’s Sunday Beats, Orezi clarified that he does not have child out of wedlock and does not wish to have one. He said, “I don’t have any baby mama and I don’t wish to have a child before marriage. But if it happens that way, I will take it. If I had wanted a baby mama, I would have gotten a woman pregnant while I was younger”

The ‘You Gerrit’ singer also added that he will consider getting married once he meets a suitable partner. He stated that his parents have reminded him about the importance of marriage and he has begged for their patience.

Speaking on his musical journey, Orezi said his love for music nearly affected his education as he found it hard to concentrate. He said, “I was doing music while in the university and I almost became a dropout. I became tired of school and I felt doing music was the only thing that could make me happy. But my parents pleaded with me to finish  my studies before I pursued my love for music.”

The singer added that his passion for music nearly his grades in his final year but he thanks God he eventually finished.




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